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The Marvelist 28.05.2018 14:12

Kostek - Chao$ Blade
Kostek - Imperial -
Chao$ Blade - Shogunate -

Deadline match: Sunday 03 June

Setup: Match is Best of 7


Tiebraker: Chugoku River


Further tournament information:

You can post results below or on Steam.

May the strongest vanguard win! To glory!

Chao$ Blade 03.06.2018 18:19

Kostek 0-4 Chao$ Blade. GGS! Army of Shogun goes to the Finals!
Chao$ Blade advances in the Finals.
Kostek good luck in the Bronze match!

The Marvelist 03.06.2018 18:54

A whitewash in the semi finals, who'd have thought that! GG. GL both in the finals!

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