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deve has much to be proud ofdeve has much to be proud ofdeve has much to be proud ofdeve has much to be proud ofdeve has much to be proud ofdeve has much to be proud ofdeve has much to be proud ofdeve has much to be proud ofdeve has much to be proud of

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What do I (deve) know about Abbat. I know that is one of the most skillful but very unlucky TotalWar player. He was creator of map-wide frontal rush for Danes in AoC which turned underdogs into top faction. I know 3 examples where he invented tactic, showed it to someone and then got beat by that very tactic. This happened in vanilla Attila gladiators where his Lakhmids got beat by my huns - I used skirmishless rush that Abbat showed me. This happened again during WestwardAssult tournament when he invented his famous map-wide rush for Danes and got beat by Mgoro13 who used that very rush which he he saw by being a spectator in abbot’s training matches. Then this happened again during vanilla Attila CoN where he got beat by his training partner who replaced withdrawn player but trained with Abbat for that exact match so he used knowledge get obtained during the trainings.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: age, your occupation, country (- question is optional)
I prefer not to mix up real and virtual lives so i will only answer that I am 35

When and what TW game did you play first? What brought you into Total War universe ?
I was brought into Total War by my love to history and another game that I played Dark Omen. First TW game I played was first of the series: Shogun. I really liked the mix of step-by-step global strategy and real-time battles. It seemed like chess game in 3rd. There was nothing similar in game industry at that moment.

When did you start playing TW multiplayer and what TW game was it? Why ? Tell us about your first tournament if you remember it.
I started playing multiplayer since Shogun2 but I did not play tourneys back then. Rome2 did not got my interest so I never played its multiplayer. But when Attila came out I got into TW multiplayer with both feet. My first tourney was NAFT or Aggony flash where I got knocked out at early stage by Poccopacs - I did not have enough experience to win so experienced opponent which reminds me about my “luck” again Often I run into future semi-finalists or finalists.

What TW game in this era (R2, Attila, AoC) *is your favorite for multiplayer *and why ? What is your favorite faction in that game and why ?
This is tough and debatable question. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. For example Rome2 became uninteresting after last patch since it is dominated by swords and role of infantry and other units diminished to minimum. Attila after last patch became to "rushy" where shock cav and infantry dominate everything else. AoC has very limited set of factions and units (because it is DLC) and despite being balanced it has too explicit counter against almost every fraction. On another hand Rome2 is whole epoch of tournaments - different tactics and strategies from patch to patch. Attila is the most fast paced game and most difficult for mastering for new players, plus it is a game where role of cavalry is most pronounced. AoC has very interesting balance which leads to variety of interesting strategies and battles. So every game has its funs so there is no one answer. Though vanilla Attila is the game I like the most because of rule of cav in it and pace of battles which require very good micro.

What clans have you been member of ? What is your current clan? Tell us a little bit about it and why did you choose it ?
VM is my current and only clan. I was invited to Bear Hugs during Shogun2 time but I did not have enough time for competitive CMP back then. As for why I chose VM, there was no other choices since VM was/is the only active Russian total war clan.

What is your overall take on clans ? What is their role in TW multiplayer? Would TW community be better off without them ? Is it necessary for new TW player to join a clan to become good player ?
Clans are not a necessity to be a strong TW player. But they help new players to get familiar with nuances of TW multiplayer. Plus they provide new players with friends to practice with, to talk about game we all love, information about upcoming tournaments, access to private clan resources on strategies. How new player will use all these opportunities is different topic. Not all players can leverage all those opportunities but clans definitely simplify first steps in TotalWar multiplayer. I believe clans are needed by MP community as whole because usually clans do not have inadequate members and if one shows you it is easy to get justice against them via clan they are member of. Clan players also more disciplined and active - they rarely withdraw from tournaments. Given all these i think pros overweigh cons. But there people who just prefer to be independent and there is nothing wrong with that. Being clanless does not mean being weak player. Last tournaments is a proof for that - In one of them all 3 top places were taken by clan less players. Here I need to note that russian clans are living though their downturn now and not many active foreign clans left either.

Which tournament is most memorable for you and why ?
Most memorable for me are last vanilla and AoC CoNs because this was last splash of activity in classic Total War before upcoming WarHammer era.

Which tournament was organized best? Tell us about it.
Tell us about most memorable victory or loss you ever had in TW MP battles ? Tell us about battle that changed you as a player if such a battle ever happened.
One of most memorable was my first battle against deve. After seeing his narrow boxy formation I though that it was another noob but after playing that battle I realized that it was not what it seemed - that is how I met one of the best Attila player and absolute champion in AoC Since then we often test armies/strategies, discuss strengths and weaknesses of factions, exchange experience.
Another memorable battle was against AK despite scandal with him and his bots on that tournament I must admit I never since such a level of control. Whole army was in motion and all units seemed to be moving independently lile very unit is controlled separately (not as part of a group).

Name 3 strongest TW players at this moment. *Why you think they are strongest? Maybe tell us about most memorable battles against them that you played.
It is hard to pick for me since I never played R2 multiplayer but from what I’ve seen on clan community tournaments I can conclude that Stradomsky and Iraklis (there is opinion that no one can play with pikes better than Iraklis) are tops in R2. Also Oleg deserved to be mentioned. In Attila I will pick Reflex, Asseror, PandaWarrioir and deve (who proved to be absolute champion in AoC). In addition to them i want to mention Llewelyn since all his battles are pleasure to watch. Also I want to add AggonyDuck to this list since he always tries something new in all games of the series. In general it is hard to pick 3 because there about 10 players in each game that can compete for top spots based on tournaments’ results. Another thing to note is that patches change situation- but there are exceptions I think it is better to rephrase this quesion: "What players do you consider strongest in each game of the series?"

Is there TW player that you enjoy playing against the most? *Why?
Yes there is more than one. I like playing against players who are stronger that me. Also play-style has its role. Battles against some players gives pleasure regardless of their result. Here are some players: dive, C3NTVRION, DarkAdmiral, Reflex, Asseror, Castanedo, Llewelyn, FLTK, Houseplant, Poccopacs.

Is there a player you learned from the most ?
From every battle you can gain some experience but I would like to highlight deve and Castanedo. They both have so deep understanding of game mechanic - no else dug any deeper

Do you think top player that are good in one TW game would become tops in other after some trainings or you think some TW titles suit certain players better and do not suit others so no matter how hard one trains he might never become good even though he is one of better players in other TW title ?
I believe it is impossible to be good everywhere but it certain that top player from one game won’t be weak in another. But players that are best in more than one game of the series are rather exception but if one can allocate enough time to tracings then why not.

What do you think about Warhammer? Do you like it? What do you think about future of MP community in the light problems with Warhammer MP ?
Warhammer is not classic TotalWar we all are used to. It like TW Arena - it has prefix TW but in actuality it is completely different game - it is a team-game. For sure Warhammer will be commercially most successful TotalWar game because of new players who never heard about TotalWar before. But I believe this game does not suit for multiplayer, this game is for campaign single player. Eveything that is happening now in Thunder&Steel tournament and ladder is a proof for that. Half of battles are technical defats, a lot of players who withdrew midway through the tourney, not to mention that a lot of top players do not play Warhammer multiplayer. If elaborate on what exactly is wrong with MP I will start with the fact that importance of things like good micro, tactical thinking, flank and rear maneuvers. clean charges are significantly diminished. Typical Warhammer battle looks like this both armies moves straight ahead towards each other and then stop as soon as wizards can start using spell. The we have duel of wizards and lords, whoever wins it (which is often random) sends his whole army to attack demoralized army of opponent. Even after first patch it is enough to compose “right” army and even super skillful top player won’t be able to win against noob. Who can call it Total War after watching replays of such battles ? But I still hope that CA will fix it and we will see good multiplayer battles. In any case Warhammer is awesome for campaign and CA did great job there.

Do you use debug-camera ? Do you think it is a cheat or not ?
Yes I do in Attila. I do not think it is a cheat.

Are you early adopter of TW games meaning do you pick up new game mechanic quicker than most other player ? If so what helps you ?
Yes I am. All I need to get accustomed to new game is presence of good training partner.

What do you think most important in Total War games (Warhammer excluded): *micro-control of units, use of different tactics and counter-tactics during the battle, strategy for upcoming battle (army composition) ?
All these 3 are equally important. Though there are players that wins because of their exceptional micro-control, there are players that win because they outsmart opponents by better strategy and army composition.

What are you especially good at out of those 3 (micro, use/change of tactics during the battle, army composition) ? Tell us most memorable example where it helped you against player that was better than you in other components ?
I like outplaying opponents by coming up with better strategy/army composition. I believe well composed army with good strategy will win any super skilled players who got those components wrong. Also when you run into opponents whos control is better than yours you have no other choices than outsmarting him with strategy

What battle tactic (kiting, balance, rush) do you like playing most and why ?
I love “rush” the most. I believer with enough quickness and without errors “rush” will defeat everything. Though balance is actually the best of both worlds.

What type of troops/units (cav, large units like elephants/chariots/monsters, rush infantry, line holding infantry, skirmishers) *do you like most ?
Shock cavalry. I like constant cab movement, maneuvers, charge-retreat-charge actions. It is most entertaining and dynamic part of the game.

Do you play important battles/tournaments for fun or for competition (i.e. you want to win them at all costs and if you do not you are disappointed)? Does phrase “all or nothing” applicable to you ?
Are you stressed before important battles ?
I play solely for fun. Of course I feel elements of competitiveness and I want get up to the pedestal but it is not most impotent thing for me.
As for stress, yes I can be a little nervous.

How do you prepare for important battles (practicing, watching of replays, studying maps, PED (performance enhancing drugs) etc) ? What is your routine right before important battle if any ?
Like any Russian sportsman I can not compete without PEDs (performance enchanting drugs) - this is known to whole civilized world On a serious note, there are some matches that I really want to win so I prepare by watching opponent replays trying to figure out his strengths and weakness, play-style. After that I trying to come up with strategy and army that would work against him. Order of faction selection also matters so that I can neutralize faction that he plays best and take advantage of factions which he does not use well. But most of the matches I play without preparations.

How do you see ideal structure for multiplayer competitive scene. Examples: single main tournament (maybe under ESL) with other tourney hosted by clans or clan communities playing role of a practicing playgrounds with the same rule set as the main one; current situation where we have a lot of independent tournaments with different rules so that players can choose whichever he prefers; well-managed quick-battle ladder/rating; propose yours.
I think independent tournaments organized by clans or clan-communities are the best. Usually players have time to vote for rules and have opportunity to play battles in most convenient time. Fastcaps do not work well for some players due to their schedule and timezone difference - some fast caps lasts 5-6 hours which might not be acceptable by some.

Give most important advice you can think of for new TW player who wants to start playing multiplayer.
Don’t spam, don’t drop, don’t lout

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