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In English:

What do I (deve) know about Stradomski ? I never played against him but what I knew was enough for me to withdraw my celts from quarter-final to avoid humiliation from Stradomski in the next round of last vanilla Attila CoN. Its a joke about my motive but in each joke there is only part of joke On a serious note Stradomski has most Total War tournament awards among currently active players.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: age, your occupation, country (- question is optional)
My name is Oleg. I am 22. I just got my bachelor degree in Information technologies field. So now i am not occupied by anything while waiting employment invitation from Google

When and what TW game did you play first? What brought you into Total War universe ?
It began many years ago when I saw CD with a cool picture of knight in the store. Yes it was Total War Medieval. I never played anything else but strategy games but from this moment i got hooked up even stronger because this game was not like any other game. Since then my main game that I play is one or another version of Total War.

When did you start playing TW multiplayer and what TW game was it? Why ? Tell us about your first tournament if you remember it.
It was Cup of Nations of Rome2. It was conducted by my clan which I had joined just month prior. I got assigned Rome2 which took me all the way to semi-final where I got beat by Egypt. Match for 3rd place I lost too. All 3 places was taken by Egypt that year (because of patch) so I was not disappointed. Though year after that I re-watched reaplys of those matches and realized that i made a lot of mistakes. For example in one of the battles I fired flaming arrows into the back of my own elephants standing in the middle if my army

Which tournament is most memorable for you and why ?
Most memorable for me is Cup of Sichi 2014 because it was first tournament won by me and Championship of Russia 2014 since we had a lot of fun with clanmates.

Which tournament was organized best? Tell us about it.
It is hard to pick one particular tournament. I can highlight ImpriumInferno which was organized by Imperial clan in the begging of Rome2 era. Besides smooth organization and high activity I liked the way fractions was divided into several groups based on their strength. You could have got a lot of points by winning top faction with weak faction and alms nothing winning weak faction with top faction.

What TW game in this era (R2, Attila, AoC) *is your favorite for multiplayer *and why ?
Hmm And one more timehmm. Tough question. Now I think they all are not that good. I just do not like AoC can not stand it. Vanilla Attila is too one dimensional. Last patch for Rome2 made game way worse than it used to be by removing a lot viable strategies/army compositions. It seems to me that serious modding is necessary but tournaments with mods are not popular. All in all I think neither of those games is ideal for competitive multiplayer.

What meaning do you put into balance and suitability of a game for competitive multiplayer ?
First of all game needs to comply with 3 main criteria:
1. All (or most) factions must be competitive.
2. All (or most) units must have their use on battlefield and be cost-effective.
3. And most difficult one: all factions and their play-styles must be different. I do not want to see 10 rush factions to execute frontal collision all the time. In 2014 Rome2 had this sort of balance. For example kiting for Parthia was as useful as barbarian rush.
Also i want to note that system of upgrades are considered good for multiplayer. It is implemented in Shogun and Arena. But I believe that those trees of upgrades and levels become boring and annoying very soon.

What does you nickname mean? Why did you choose it ?
It is simple. Stradomski is my last name. When I was teenager I liked to use last name of some general. Then it struck me: why do I use some elses last names which have nothing to do with me and why my last name is any worse? My last name is quite rare so its not like every 10th gamer has it. So I decided to use it as a nickname.
I want to note that it is my nick for tournaments. Usually you can encounter me as Araja. This nock does not mean anything, I just like the way it sounds.

What clans have you been member of ? What is your current clan? Tell us a little bit about it and why did you choose it ?
USSR, VM. In both cases I joined because of my friends. I joined USSR because people who I played Napoleon TW with invited me. It did not last long though. I did not like decision of clan officers to ban tournaments organized by IMP clan. It was fight between clans which I was not part of. In a month i got invited to join VM clan. Since then I acquired several good friends there so I do not see any reason to change clan in near future.

What is your overall take on clans ? What is their role in TW multiplayer? Would TW community be better off without them ? Is it necessary for new TW player to join a clan to become good player ?
Clans are organized structures and it is their advantage. They does not work that well in Total War because everything is on free will. But tournaments started to happened because of clans. So they should exist. It is normal for TW like for any other game.
But I do not think it is necessity for every player to join a clan. Some players learned to player without clans. It is matter of personal characteristics and presence of good opponents to play with. Clans usually have a lot of good players so it is easier to find company there - it is boring to be alone

Tell us about most memorable victory or loss you ever had in TW MP battles ? Tell us about battle that changed you as a player if such a battle ever happened.
The most memorable victory is my match against Iraklis in quarter final of Sichi cup 2014. Back then Iraklis was considered to be absolutely best Rome2 player. He was winning all tournaments. I was considered to be just above-average player since at that moment I had only one achievement: 2nd place in team tournament Bellum internecivum. I won that match 4-0. I prepared tricky plan for whole match which i executed almost flawlessly. I calculated all his picks and strategies. It was king of all victories, I have never been satisfied with myself more than that.
Now I will tell about loss. There was Two Leagues tournament right after my victory in Sichi cup 2014. I lost to Inquisitor of Agartha. Why did i lose ? Because I was too high about myself after my victory in Sichi cup. I had thought i would have easily won him. It was not the case. I lost 1-3. Since then I started paying attention to state of my mind before battles. If I feel over-confident I remind myself that loss.

Name 3 strongest TW players at this moment. *Why you think they are strongest? Maybe tell us about most memorable battles against them that you played.
Very tough question because that trio kept changing over time. Greek Iraklis definitely deserved to be there. He has consistently showed good or best results. So no questions that he must be in that trio. Though it is hard for me to feel 2 other spots. Llewelyn of Agartha always played well and got a lot of tournaments awards. There was time period when I faced Llewelyn in finals in several consequent tournaments. The same can be said about PandaWarrior. After realize of Attila the star of AK The Legend arose. Also I believe that I have right to be in one of those spots.

Is there TW player that you enjoy playing against the most? *Why?
Yes, there is. This is my clanmate Allarih. When we used to play each other he used to pull off tricks which always surprised me.

Do you think top player that are good in one TW game would become tops in other after some trainings or you think some TW titles suit certain players better and do not suit others so no matter how hard one trains he might never become good even though he is one of better players in other TW title ?
All top-players have advantage - their good micro-control. Unfortunatelly micro-control decides too much. So top player will play at decent level just because of their micro. Of course they will need to spend time on learning new game but timespan is gonna be way shorter than timespan required for new player.

Do you use debug-camera ? Do you think it is a cheat or not ?
No I do not. Picture is not as clear from far above. I prefer to use mini-map to have whole picture of the battle and use normal camera for precise micro-ing. I do not think debug-camera is a cheat. It is just another type of camera.

Are you early adopter of TW games meaning do you pick up new game mechanic quicker than most other player ? If so what helps you ?
Yes I am. To understand new game you just need desire to play that game and good opponents to play with.

What do you think most important in Total War games (Warhammer excluded): *micro-control of units, use of different tactics and counter-tactics during the battle, strategy for upcoming battle (army composition) ?
I know players who get by with just good micro-control. All in all micro-control is always needed. On another hand all tactics are known and a lot of players pref to stay with standard ones. Plan for a game is good addition but not a requirement and it is not always possible to stay with it during actual battle.

What are you especially good at out of those 3 (micro, use/change of tactics during the battle, army composition) ? Tell us most memorable example where it helped you against player that was better than you in other components ?
I have average micro-control. So I try to minimize its effect on outcome by predicting actions of opponent. So I often do not play Total War at all before important battle but I carefully study my opponent replays. There are a lot actions that players makes automatically without thinking. If you notice them, calculate when they happen, what hap panes after them you can start predicting opponent actions before he even thinks of them.

What battle tactic (kiting, balance, rush) do you like playing most and why ?
Everyone knows that I am kiter I like kite and balance. In pure rush all units fight each other at the same time and this usually looks like a mess IMO. Though it is worth to note that I prefer to play opposite to the strategy used by my opponent. If I expect kiting I will rush. If I expect rush I will kite. I hate playing against similar strategy and same faction.

What type of troops/units (cav, large units like elephants/chariots/monsters, rush infantry, line holding infantry, skirmishers) *do you like most ?
Long range skirmishers because you can kite with them

Do you play important battles/tournaments for fun or for competition (i.e. you want to win them at all costs and if you do not you are disappointed)? Does phrase all or nothing applicable to you ?
Are you stressed before important battles ?
It is job that I do not work for I want a lot but do a little. Therefore stress and worry before battles because without trainings you expect a lot of mistakes

How do you prepare for important battles (practicing, watching of replays, studying maps, PED (performance enhancing drugs) etc) ? What is your routine right before important battle if any ?
I already wrote about replays of my future opponents. I do not train at all for specific opponents. I only train if i did not play in a while so I need to get back on my game. I enjoy victories not the battles so victories are not interesting and boring for me.
As for routine I pump blood through the body

How do you see ideal structure for multiplayer competitive scene. Examples: single main tournament (maybe under ESL) with other tourney hosted by clans or clan communities playing role of a practicing playgrounds with the same rule set as the main one; current situation where we have a lot of independent tournaments with different rules so that players can choose whichever he prefers; well-managed quick-battle ladder/rating; propose yours.
I believe there should be main tournaments and a lot of independent ones. 2-3 main tourneys per year would be ideal. So that it is prestigious to win specifically them and whole year is a preparation for them. Independent ones are needed too to add variety and to feel the gap between main ones. I do not know now why you mentioned rating system from CA - its terrible. In conclusion i want to CA does not care about MP so I can only hope that something is gonna change in my life-time. They could pick 10-20 top player, give them early access to beta-version, those players would have tested multiplayer balance and mechanic and provided feedback for free which would result in way better game for MP. They did something like that with alfa/beta versions of Arena but Arena is different thing (copy-past of WorldOfTanks released way too late). After all what i said about multiplayer (i said a lot) I would just summarize that at this moment we are further from good multiplayer than Solar system from galactic f Andromeda

Give most important advice you can think of for new TW player who wants to start playing multiplayer.
Think about reasons of your and others wins and loses. Look for patterns in the game. Learn from stronger players.
But in the end look at all those hours I played in Total War. See them ? Imagine If I put them into studying linear algebra. I would be another Perelman or Robert Nash by now So my main advise is give up and pick up book about math or other science instead

What do you think about Warhammer? Do you like it? What do you think about future of MP community in the light problems with Warhammer MP ?
I do not care about Warhammer multiplayer. It is obscure. I did not like it. How can I like multiplayer where you can successfully charge through your own units ? Though it might change as time goes by. On another hand campaign is good but too short. Chaos comes in, you defeat it and Chaos is gone forever. In actuality Chaos should terrorize everyone and be undestroyable. The same applies to beastmen.

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