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Roma Victor
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earth will become famous soon enough

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I dont need anyone to get his `connections` to get me unbanned. I was banned from no reason. Yea I guess I lied, because he banned me even 1st time like this cause he can, from 0 reasons. He came insulting me again from 0 reasons. RTW was the game previous 3 months with 0 problems around. RV and other clans all together did everything to save RTW from dying and we succeeded. Now, your clan is appearing from nowhere, just like before, trying to destroy the hard work of others. Therefore me and many others dont have trust in Rusleague as a site and its admins. From these reasons we hope that CoN may be organized here. If no, RV clan will gladly offer its forum for hosting CoN, because having CoN on Rusleague with HoSian as an admin is unacceptable.

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