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Today I present you [WOLF] Houseplant.
What do I (deve) know about Houseplant. I know that he wants to establish communism in the United States by means of wearing avatar of Bernie Sanders He is the one who delivered me my first official tournament loss. It happened in 1st round of Emperor of the West tourney and since then he has been my main rival in all NAFT tourneys. Do you remember our first match ?

I do. You took game one off of me as Asturias vs. Cordoba but then I came back to win the next three games.

When and what TW game did you play first? What brought you into Total War universe ?

The first TW game I played was Rome 1. My Dad introduced me to the game when I was a kid.

When did you start playing TW multiplayer and what TW game was it? Why ? Tell us about your first tournament if you remember it.

I started playing total war multiplayer at the very end of Rome 2. I was that guy who thought he was good because he could win with an army of 14 Roman sword units in quick battle
I dont remember my first tournament but it would have been in early Attila. I am fairly sure that I lost in the first round though

What TW game in this era (R2, Attila, AoC) is your favorite for multiplayer and why ?
What was your favorite faction in that fame ? why ?

Age of Charlemagne. It was by far the most balanced of those three games and allowed for a greater diversity in terms of strategy.

What clans have you been member of ? What is your current clan? Tell us a little bit about it and why did you choose it ?

My current and only clan is the WOLF clan. I chose it because I wanted a group of experienced total war players that I could practice with on a regular basis and the WOLF clan is that, as well as being a fun group of friends to play total war with.

What is your overall take on clans ? What is their role in TW multiplayer? Would TW community be better off without them ? Is it necessary for new TW player to join a clan to become good player ?
Well, deve, you are living proof that you dont need to be part of a clan to become a good player, but I think being in a clan certainly helps. What you really need is a group of players you can practice with on a regular basis, and the easiest way to get that is to join a clan.

Which tournament is most memorable for you and why ?

Definitely the WOLF patch 3 tournament from total war Attila. I won it while taking the Celts at every opportunity and ambushing my opponents. The celts were considered some of the weakest factions in the game at the time because every game was played on plains, the most imbalanced map in the entire game. (serious statement but I wont get into that here . On the woodlands map however, the celts were very strong, using the woods to hide, harass and bait their enemies. That sort of playstyle was much more fun than the traditional, run at them with your shock troops, playstyle that was so strong on the open ground of the plains map.

Which tournament was organized best? Tell us about it.

Im always impressed with how proactive Trajan is about organizing tournaments, so Id like to thank him for that.

I know that you chose to play only celts in one of vanilla-Attila tournaments and kicked asses with them. I do not remember if you won that tourney or not but why did you make so strange choice (weakest faction) ?

The celts werent the weakest faction, they merely seemed to be the weakest
Its like I explained above. The celts are the weakest faction on a terrible map like plains (sorry, I really hate that map) but they are very strong in the woods. I chose them because they offered a different and refreshing playstyle that my opponents were unlikely to be prepared for.

Tell us about most memorable victory or loss you ever had in TW MP battles ? Tell us about battle that changed you as a player if such a battle ever happened.

The most memorable game would probably be the final game of that celts tourney I keep talking about. The woodlands map essentially has separate forests. In game 2 I had taken the ebdanians and put a small contingent in each of the forests, and when he saw this he rushed down the nearest contingent. In game three we were back on woodlands and I was the Picts against the Jutes. I figured he would try a similar strategy again and try to rush into one of the forests. Just from the geography it made the most sense for it to be the forest on the right where he would try this. So I took my own rush army, put it all in the forest on the right, and caught him completely off guard. I surrounded him and the battle was over in a matter of minutes.

Is there TW player that you enjoy playing against the most? Why?

Theres not really a player I enjoy playing against most but I generally like playing against players who are really dedicated and are always trying to improve. Playing against someone with that kind of mindset makes it easier for me to improve as well.

Do you have player that you have rivalry against? If so tell us about history of that rivalry.

I prefer to keep my disputes to myself

Do you think top player that are good in one TW game would become tops in other after some trainings or you think some TW titles suit certain players better and do not suit others so no matter how hard one trains he might never become good even though he is one of better players in other TW title ?

I think that with enough training any top TW player could switch to another Total War title. The basic objective is always the same, the only thing that changes is the tools used to accomplish said objective.

I know that you play Warhammer a lot. What do you think about it? Do you like it? What do you think about future of MP community in the light problems with Warhammer MP ? Can you list key areas you would want CA to fix and how they should fix them ?

I dont think balance problems in Warhammer are really all that much worse than in other previous total war games. I also think that Warhammer has a lot more potential than previous games because it is a much more complex game. Flying units effectively mean you have three flanks instead of two, and magic means that there are more tools to create breaks in the enemy line. Warhammer is a total war game with just one patch so far, it has a ton of room to grow and improve.

What does your user tag means ? Why did you choose it?

It means that Im a plant and Ive grown roots in my house so i never leave it.

Are you early adopter of TW games meaning do you pick up new game mechanic quicker than most other player ? If so what helps you in this process?

I like to think I am I spend a lot of time trying to understand how the mechanics of a game work and developing builds based on that. But the most important part is spending a lot of time practicing, and not being afraid to fail. If you have an idea, just find someone to practice with and try it. In the worst case scenario you can laugh about how silly your idea was

What do you think most important in Total War games (Warhammer excluded): micro-control of units, use of different tactics and counter-tactics during the battle, strategy for upcoming battle (army composition) ?

I think having a good strategy is the most important aspect. Micro management is about making your units execute a strategy, so without one micro is useless

What are you especially good at out of those 3 (micro, use/change of tactics during the battle, army composition) ? Tell us most memorable example where it helped you against player that was better than you in other components ?

I think my skill is in forming a strategy. I played a lot of games in AoC where I would just take a line of heavy spearmen that didnt require a lot of micro and then I would hunt their general with a bunch of cavalry units. I won quite a few games just because my opponents werent prepared to defend their general.

What battle tactic (kiting, balance, rush) do you like playing most and why ?
What type of troops/units (cav, large units like elephants/chariots/monsters, rush infantry, line holding infantry, skirmishers) do you like most ?

Balanced builds are the most flexible and thats what makes them the most fun for me. I dont really have a favorite unit type.

Do you play important battles/tournaments for fun or for competition (i.e. you want to win them at all costs and if you do not you are disappointed)? Does phrase all or nothing applicable to you ?
Are you stressed before important battles ?

Well I wouldnt say that I dont enjoy a battle if I lose, but giving it my all and trying to win at all costs is what makes the battle fun.

How do you prepare for important battles (practicing, watching of replays, studying maps, PED (performance enhancing drugs) etc) ? What is your routine right before important battle if any ?

Well if I am not familiar with the maps in the map pool then studying those is the first step. Once I know where Im going to be playing I will draft up a few builds and test them out in practice during the days leading up to the match. During the match I will listen to music that reflects the strategy I am going for in the battle (for example if Im taking a kiting build I will listen to really calm music)

How do you see ideal structure for multiplayer competitive scene. Examples: single main tournament (maybe under ESL) with other tourney hosted by clans or clan communities playing role of a practicing playgrounds with the same rule set as the main one; current situation where we have a lot of independent tournaments with different rules so that players can choose whichever he prefers; well-managed quick-battle ladder/rating; propose yours.

I really enjoy focusing on one single ruleset and I think having a fairly standard ruleset would be good for competitive play. That being said there are certainly dangers to that approach. I have sat out tournaments just because of the map pool (like i said, I really hate featureless maps) so if the only tournaments I could play in used exclusively featureless maps that would make me pretty sad.

Give most important advice you can think of for new TW player who wants to start playing multiplayer.

Being good at total war is all about practice. Putting in the hours to work out how to play the game and to get used to microing all your builds is very important. To this end the first thing someone who wants to get into the multiplayer should do is find a group of people to practice with. This can be a clan, or just a list of players who you know are good at the game. Play with these players as much as you can, and make sure you can criticise yourself when you lose. Everyone loses when they start out, the important part is recognizing why you lost and how you can not lose the same way next time.
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