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(@about PT gif image : as i wrote on title, it is not Resistance against admin decision. it is just refference for people. in another matches by another players, someone got Technical defeat from PT rule and admin decision.
someone admitted admin decision,
or someone leaved this tourney as resistance(as oppose opinion against Technical defeat from admin).
and even that, someone don't know what is pt exactly on admin's thinking or why he got a technical defeat.

originally i think that PT rule is no need when another part of rule is ballanced. (like as as normal rule, no limit on using of foot's javellin) .
in this tourney, it is hard to mark enemy cavalry since max 5 sword and no javellin on barbs spears <except special rare unit> , etc ...
and peoples getting a technical defeat or not from case by case. so i hope that my images is become as refference for future ruling and making Next tourney series rule. )

@about our match.

Olkimos have to sorry to me. he leaved game room while during of match. without any comment or appologies.
it was full day/night waiting and midnight for me. he breaking schedule of mine few time.
and he just told me today that "you don't have any chance" , instead of appoligies. it is just connection lost still ?.

i know that admin will keep give him Bonus (like extended bonus time and no any warning comment on his insulting) as very generously. i don't know why they do though.

ok Olkimos, just put write here day when can you play remained match.
but about Time , i will set time schedule for my convenience at this time.
because i gave to you convenience time at past match even twice.
and you agreed that you will give concession to me at next time when i gave you my concesision to you at first match

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