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Fin d'une belle époque Napoleon Total War Tournament 1vs1

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I. General Information

"Fin d'une belle époque" is a classic tournament with single elimination bracket.
All matches last to THREE victories (BO5).
In first battle attacker is player, who is top of the bracket, then players switch sides and defender becomes an attacker. In case of 5th battle attacker is that player, who won in previos 4th battle.

Attacker choosing fraction and map first.
Players can't use one faction twice during match. Players can't take same fraction as opponent has(!)

II. Attacker and Defender

Player must be active in battle, if he is ATTACKER. It means that is obliged to do offensive actions: preparations, shooting and melee attack.
But it DOESN'T mean that attacker must rush to his opponent, reasonable maneuvers are allowed (without delaying).
DEFENDER can play passively. But of course he can counterattack.
Player, who has only cavalry, automatically become ATTACKER.

III. Map Selection

For each match players have map pool.
Each map can be used only once!
(Example: Player1 chooses map first and picks Grassy Flatlands, then Player2 can't pick Grassy Flatlands)
- Grassy flatlands
- Prussian hills
- Syrian ridge
- Siberian plateau
- Savoy hilltop
- Homestead
- Italian grasland
- Ria Galicia

IV. Battle Settings

Funds: 14 000
Unit size: large
Time: no limits
Not ranked
Weather: light rain (to fix the bug)
Daytime: afternoon

Attacker is left side in lobby. Host is attacker. In case when player is not sure in his internet connection, he may agree with opponet, that host will be him, BUT in any case attacker must be left.

V. Battle limitations

- max 4 light inf
- max 11 line inf (line, guard, levy, melee)
- max 5 melee
- max 4 shooting cav
- max 4 ulan cav
- max 8 all cav
- no art
- if general as special unit - he is outside of limits, if general like inf or cav - he is in limits.

VI. Other Limitations

Red line rule: camping in the corner is forbidden. If both flanks of player's army are standing close to the two neighboring red lines (which forming one corner) - it's camping.

Distance to the neighboring red lines must be more than 100m (distance of jaeger shooting).

Placing stakes closer than 100m to red line is forbidden.

Players can approaching to red line by inf (any!), if only they are doing active attacking actions.
Cavalry can moving along the red line, without limitation, if it does not violate the rules of the camping in corner.
If for some reason the infantry stops close to the red line, then the another flank of the player's army must be farther than 100m to opposite red line.
Blocks all battlefield by standing close to lines is forbidden.

No houses! If you opponent enter the building by mistake, you must notify him. If violator ignore the notification, he assigned technical defeat (TD) in battle (decision by admin, evidence by replay or chat screenshot).

VII. Violation of Rules

If "red line" rule was broken by one of players, his opponent must notify him. If violator ignore the notification, he assigned technical defeat (TD) in battle (decision by admin, evidence by replay or chat screenshot).

If a violation of "battle limitations" was spotted when neither side has the decisive advantage, battle must be re-played. Both players can change their army builds.
If a violation by winner was spotted after battle, it must be re-played.
If a violation by loser was spotted after battle, result remains unchanged.
Technical defeat is given after 3 fouls.

Screenshots and replays need to be provided as proof.

VIII. Disconnects

- if the disconnect happened at the beginning of the battle and there is no decisive advantage, the battle is re-played with same army builds. If both players agree, they can change army builds.
- if the disconnect happened when the decisive advantage is present and both players agree on it, there is no need to re-play the battle. Otherwise, players have to provide screenshots and replays to administrators
- in case of 5 consecutive disconnects at the beginning of the battle, technical defeat will be issued to the person responsible for disconnects

IX. Rules of Conduct

In case of insults and misconduct, player will be disqualified from the tournament.

X. Broadcasting

If official streamer wants to broadcast a game, players cannot forbid him.
Broadcaster can't show or talk about player's army builds until the battle started, otherwise he loses the right to broadcast the game.
Broadcaster can have one additional partner to commentate the game with.

XI. Administration

- Crucible
- MorS
- Otto

Replays of controversial moments sending to otoga88@yahoo.com marked as "NTW tournament".

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