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Cup of Nations 2018 Rome II Total War Tournament 1vs1

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Старый 10.04.2018, 04:51   #241
Hamilkar Barca
First Guards
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This is actually pretty interesting discussion, and definitely warranted. Here's my 2 cents:

Personally, I don't think we should aim to restrict so much the units of a faction. It's too complicated and ultimately kind of annoying. Since this is the CON tho, and each player will need to play with just one faction, ofc it's ideal to balance all factions in some way, which in any case will be very difficult with simple rules.

What about a money table, though, like rome 1 con? This is a different approach, but imo it is better than disallowing certain units to the point that some factions are just limited to a pitiful number of units (for ex. Republican Rome).

Although it would take some time to test most matchups, it's probably not that hard considering we have like 6 months until next CoN (at least :P)

If this is not possible or not a good idea in general, I think that the aim should just be to add other restrictions (or additions) to factions like in this CoN: for example seleucid could bring max 5 same, max 6 inf, whereas other factions could only bring max 4 same, 5 inf. If these restrictions were more closely fitted to each faction, it could be pretty successful imo

anyway, thanks to the organizers of the event, was fun as always and great to see such high number of people playing the game!
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