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The Frozen Throne Cup Warhammer II Total War Flash Tournament 1vs1

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Exclamation Rules

1. Main rules

  • Rounds will be bo3, final match - bo5

  • Top player in the bracket picks faction first (he also must be host of the game). After that, vice versa. This is for 1x1 matches

  • All available factions are allowed (sub-factions are not considered as a different faction)

  • Playing mirror factions is prohibited

  • Playing one faction 2 times per match is prohibited

  • No spectators except for the official caster(s) allowed.

2. Battle Settings

Faction picking rules

Map pool

Host options

Player A - Top bracket player
Player B - Bottom bracket player

In the First match, player A picks first and bans a faction for the first match.
The next game player B picks first and bans.
In an ace match both players ban before picking.
Player A bans first, player B picks first.
You’re only allowed to pick each faction once.

Bans only last 1 match.

So for Example:
Match 1: Player A picks Vampire Counts and bans High Elves.
Player B picks Skaven. (He cannot pick High Elves [BANNED]).

Match 2: Player B picks High Elves (the High Elves ban from match 1
does not carry over to match 2) and bans Lizardmen. Player A picks Dwarfs.
(He cannot pick Lizardmen [BANNED] or Vampire Counts [1st PICKED FACTION]).

Match 3: Player A bans Beastmen. Player B bans Empire and
picks Greenskins. (He cannot pick Beastmen [BANNED],
High Elves [2nd PICKED FACTION] or Skaven [1st PICKED FACTION].
Player A picks Bretonnia. (He cannot pick Empire [BANNED], Vampire Counts

1st Mirror Woods,
2nd The Black Pyramid,
3td La Maisontaal Abbey,
4th Golden Monolith,
5th Leitziger Ford
1st Battle of the Cairns,
2nd Plains of the Dead,
3td The Essence of Chaos
1st MP: Alpine Ridge,
2nd The Black Tower of Arkhan,
3td Karak Azgal
1st Excavation Site,
2nd Altdorf Outskirts,
3td Arnheim
1st Mount of the Pass,
2nd L'Anguille,
3td The Silver Spire
1st Mortis Wastes,
2nd MP: Peak Pass,
3td Aymara Swamps

  • Battle difficulty: normal

  • Time limit: 40 minutes

  • Funds: large

  • Battle realism mode: off

  • Large armies: off

  • Unit size: large

3. Army Limits



  • Maximum of 4 of the same unit;

  • Max 2 heroes (except lord);

  • Max 2 runecasters including runelord;

  • Max 1 spellcaster, lord or heroes without spells don’t count as spellcasters;

  • Max 6 Parthian shot units (units that can shoot at 360 degrees, for example Chameleon Skinks, Mounted Yeomen Archers etc.) Heroes are included in this limit!

  • Max 4 mounted archers (this rule applies to any skirmishers on any mounts, such as horses, terradons and so on);

  • Max 10 Ranged units in total;

  • Max 2 chariots unit in total (This limit does not include chariots of Lords and Heroes)

  • Max 3 artillery units

  • Single entities

    Maximum of 2 of the same unit with 1 model. Mounts are included in limit. For example, you can’t take 2 forest dragons and a lord on a forest dragon Kholek counts as a shaggoth, Durthu as a treeman. All dragons count as the same unit, you can have max 2 dragons.

  • Single entities monsters/ war machines/artillery

    Maximum 3 single entity monster / war machines / artillery in total. This includes monsters, monstrous beasts, specialized artillery and war machines that have 1 model. Such units as Cauldrons of Blood are classed as war machines.

  • Superweapon

    Max one unit from the following list: Luminark, Plague furnace - Screaming Bell, Carnosaur (mount only), Necrosphinx, Star Dragons (including mount).
    Summoned units not included in the limit

1. Gaze of Nagash is banned due to a bug.
2. You MUST have at least 300 models in your army.
3. Same units are units whose differences are only in: shield, armor, ammunition.
For example:

  • all Bretonnia archers different only in ammunition and considered to the same;

  • wild riders and wild riders shields are considered the same;

  • longbeards and longbeards with heavy weapons are different, miners and miners with blasting charges are different.

Exceptions: gor heard and gor heard (shield) are different units

This rule also applies to legendary units (Regiments of Renown)

4. Attacking rules

  • Both players have to attack. Missile attacks of skirmishers and artillery, melee fight, using damage spells count as attack (Using damage abilities don't count as attack)

  • Corner camping is prohibited, The distance between red line should allow units to flanking

  • Flank maneuvers along the red line to bypass the enemy are allowed

  • In the case, if no one player's units can catch up opponent (all remaining units have a high speed or flying), the opponent must attack

  • Running around with your troops without making any attack (no one from your units don't make any damage to enemy) is prohibited

5. Violations and game-crash

  • If rules of red line are violated, you should inform the enemy about violation and give him time to move away units from red line. If he refuses to do this, then he get TD in this battle (the proof in this case will be the replay of this battle (screenshot of the chat is also can be useful)).

  • Game crash at early stage of the game, when none of the players have a clear advantage leads to replay of the battle with the same units roster (If both players agree, they can change rosters).
    After third game crash due to the fault of one and the same player during one match - he's get TD.

All disputable issues are decided by the judge's decision.

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